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New Story: The Colombian

by Fred on 2-21-2011

Spinetingler published my story "The Colombian" this morning.

Historical Anachronisms in the New Sherlock Holmes Movie

by Fred on 1-6-2010

Guy Ritchie's blockbuster version of Sherlock Holmes may be entertaining, but there were quite a few moments when historical inaccuracies ruined my suspension of disbelief. These are just a few of them.

New Story

by Fred on 11-14-2009

Beat to a Pulp posted my story "Conjugal" today. Check it out. While you're at it, check out editor David Cranmer's blog, Education of a Pulp Writer. He links to some cool stuff, like an interview with Patricia Highsmith and a documentary about Los Angeles during the time of Raymond Chandler.

What the Hell Is Wrong with You People?

by Fred on 9-8-2009

Last month, the #1 search term that people used to find this site was "bound to the floor and pounded." Now that I've quoted that exact phrase in a post, maybe I'll get to see a social application of Heisenberg's principle.

Crime and Suspense

by Fred on 9-4-2009

It's official. Crime and Suspense will start publishing online again with yours truly as the managing editor. We need submissions, so if you've written any stories where someone gets shot, stabbed, or mugged, check out the guidelines and let me see what you got.

Night Court

by Fred on 8-11-2009

Rob Lopresti posted an excerpt from A Man in Court by Frederic DeWitt Wells at Criminal Brief. It describes a typical session of Night Court in New York City around 1917. Interesting stuff.

This One's Calling My Name

by Fred on 7-18-2009

Show Us What's behind the Door

by Fred on 7-9-2009

Frank Stockton's "The Lady or the Tiger?" has spurned a century of discussion about its ending. Generations of people have mused over what was behind the door.

Famous Authors' Rejections

by Fred on 5-12-2009

The Cincinnati Examiner ran an article about rejections that thirty famous authors received from publishers. I'm glad I've never received a rejection as caustic as some of the ones listed; but if I ever do, I can console myself with the knowledge that William Faulkner and Vladimir Nabokov got the same treatment.

A Few Good Stories

by Fred on 5-8-2009

I spent a good chunk of the week reading short stories online and thought I'd share some of the ones I liked.

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