Historical Anachronisms in the New Sherlock Holmes Movie

by Fred on 1-6-2010 Category: Miscellany

Guy Ritchie's blockbuster version of Sherlock Holmes may be entertaining, but there were quite a few moments when historical inaccuracies ruined my suspension of disbelief. These are just a few of them.

  • Sherlock Holmes would not have referred to cocaine as "yayo."
  • Although the characters call them "instant telegrams," Holmes is clearly reading Dr. Watson's messages on a Blackberry.
  • Oliver Cromwell did not invent the Segway.
  • Europeans did in fact call America the "New World," but not because they thought that it was literally a different planet.
  • Passenger pigeons did not have prehensile saddles. Holmes could not have ridden one from London to Edinburgh, let alone strapped a gatling gun to its breastbone.
  • The psychokinetic implant that Watson uses to set Parliament on fire with his mind was not invented until 1926.
  • When Robert Downey Jr. takes off his shirt and slowly oils his chest, the bird tattoo above the pelvis makes it obvious that his body double was Asia Argento.