New Story: The Colombian

by Fred on 2-21-2011 ‚ Category: Miscellany

Spinetingler published my story "The Colombian" this morning.

The sedan crunched over gravel on Marco‚s driveway. Marco squinted into the early afternoon sun. The visitor stepped out of the sedan and started down the stone steps toward the shore. Marco grimaced and turned back to his traps.

‚How‚s it going, Marco?‚ The visitor stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

‚You never visit with good news, Albright.‚

The detective smeared the sweat on his forehead. ‚Your brother‚s in trouble again.‚

Marco reset the last trap and dropped it into the water. ‚What else is new?‚

‚This won‚t go away with probation and a fine. You hear about the two city cops who got shot?‚

Read the whole thing at Spinetingler.