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Interview at Bookspot Central

by Fred on 5-7-2009

Brian Lindenmuth was kind enough to include me in his "Conversations¬ with the Bookless" series at Bookspot Central.¬ Go see me do the written equivalent of stuttering like a startled toddler.

More Ebert

by Fred on 5-7-2009

Roger Ebert wrote a personal, touching, and insightful entry in his blog this week.¬ Well worth your time.

Murder Your Darlings

by Fred on 5-4-2009

Jack Getze at Spinetingler Magazine confirmed that my story "The Colombian" will appear in their Fall or Winter issue.

Random Shots

by Fred on 5-3-2009

I just finished The Shotgun Rule by Charlie Huston.¬ Terrific book.¬ Four thuggish kids open a can of worms when they burglarize a meth lab.¬ I'll definitely read more of his stuff.¬ The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death looks promising.¬ He maintains a blog at

Strunk and White and Pullum

by Fred on 5-1-2009

I've been mulling over an article in The Chronicle Review suggesting that Strunk and White's Elements of Style is overrated.¬ Mr. Pullum, the author, makes some convincing arguments.¬ Among other things, he disagrees with their denigration of the passive voice and gives reasonable recommendations for its usage.¬ Then he points to an error that surprised me:

Office Space Noir

by Fred on 4-26-2009

Anthony Neil Smith's blog turned me on to Greg Bardsley's story "Some Kind of Rugged Genius" in 3:AM Magazine.¬ I gotta give Bardsley credit, that sucker hits the ground running.¬ Maybe I'll start paying more attention to him.

Books and Stuff

by Fred on 4-18-2009

Some books I finished recently:

Just Browsing

by Fred on 4-16-2009

Today was a good day to browse aimlessly around the 'net, even if it wasn't good for my productivity.

Old Movies at Dawn

by Fred on 4-11-2009

The Kennel Murder Case just finished on AMC.¬ It's one of the old Philo Vance whodunits starring William Powell.¬ Some of the acting is a little stagy, but overall it's a fun mystery.¬ It was cool to see a movie from 1933 use motion blur transitions the same way as contemporary stuff like Cold Case and Without a Trace.¬ The only thing missing was the wind sound effect.

The Big Sleep Took Raymond Chandler 50 Years Ago Today

by Fred on 3-26-2009

The LA Times has an article about an assembly at USC commemorating Raymond Chandler on the 50th anniversary of his deathJudith Freeman, author of The Long Embrace: Raymond Chandler and the Woman He Loved, was among the panelists.

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