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Turn Left on Main Street

by Fred on 3-20-2009

This morning I walked up the street to get some ink cartridges refilled. Someone yelled at me from a car on the corner. I walked over thinking they needed directions somewhere.

Proving My Theory

by Fred on 2-22-2009

Out of four bars I checked in and around Sydney, three of them only stocked one brand of tequila, and all of them stocked Jose Cuervo. QED.

Church Street in Parramatta

by Fred on 2-19-2009

This is where to chill on a budget. Yesterday I bought a shirt and a pair of shorts, gorged myself on sushi, and got a haircut for less than $50 AUD. Today I went back and bought a cricket set for my nephew (don't tell him, sis).

Hot Chick

by Fred on 2-9-2009

Yesterday I saw a chick buying corn pads at Woolworth's who was so hot,I wrote a song about her. Wanna hear it? Here it go.

The Balcony, Part 2

by Fred on 2-6-2009

More pictures of Sydney from my balcony.

Hearing Voices

by Fred on 2-5-2009

This was the view from my apartment before I left for the airport last Sunday:

Read This Other Blog Instead

by Fred on 1-26-2009

I've spent a lot of time on Roger Ebert's web site. Sometimes I want to check his opinion about a movie I haven't seen, or sometimes I'm curious how his opinion jibes with mine. I've spent entire afternoons just browsing his reviews for kicks. He can be funny, scathing, insightful, or profound. Even when I disagree with him, I have to concede that his opinions are well reasoned and frequently poignant.

Signs of Age

by Fred on 1-16-2009

Despite my best intentions, I didn't get drunk yesterday. I went to sleep early instead. I'll try to make amends over the weekend.

By the Time You Read This, I'll Already Be Drunk

by Fred on 1-15-2009

Today's my birthday. I postdated this entry to ensure that the title will come true.

It's Supposed to Sound Like That

by Fred on 1-15-2009

Every beginning writer needs to understand something: your writing will be full of cliches whether you like it or not. You know what they are, and you know you're supposed to avoid them, but you'll write them anyway.

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