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It's Supposed to Sound Like That

by Fred on 1-15-2009

Every beginning writer needs to understand something: your writing will be full of cliches whether you like it or not. You know what they are, and you know you're supposed to avoid them, but you'll write them anyway.

Know Your Tequila

by Fred on 12-26-2008

Of all the liquors, tequila is perhaps the most misunderstood. Even hardcore alcoholics turn into shivering bitches at the prospect of doing a tequila shot. Well, I won't lie to you. Much of the malignment surrounding tequila has good reason behind it. But like all liquors (except gin), there's a time and place for it, and there's a right way to drink it. Here's a handy guide to some of the major brands of tequila, with comments on the best way to serve it, how it tastes, and what you can expect it to do to you.