Fred Snyder's Bibliography

These are some of my stories that have been published in print or online.

"The Colombian"
Spinetingler, Feb 2011

"Last night two patrolmen responded to a report of a trespasser in the old train yard on Choctaw. The suspect shot his way out. Dropped one with a pump shotgun, tagged the other with a nine-millimeter." [Read the whole story]

Beat to a Pulp #50

Tabitha recognized the guard. He had escorted her through the prison for her previous visit. "You must have impressed him," he said. "You're the only one who's been here twice." [Read the whole story]

Crime and Suspense, Jan/Feb 2009

The dog attacked our neighbor's kid this morning. I watched it happen from the kitchen window.

"Soundtrack for a Crime Drama"
Plots with Guns, Summer 2008

I started my internship under Syl Goldberg hoping for a tremendous learning experience. One of my first lessons was that second-hand crack smoke makes my chest hurt. [Read the whole story]

"How to Keep a Secret"
Hardboiled #32, Nov 2004

It's strange how the natural progression of an argument still shocks its participants.

"Beer Wine Snacks"
Plots with Guns, May/Jun 2003

"Since I wasn't macho enough to tackle the stickup man, at least I can be a gentleman and buy you a drink." [Read the whole story]